My golf was suffering because I couldn’t take standing on my feet for too long, very frustrating in my lifestyle and tired of sitting and resting. So much better now, they disappear inside my golf shoes and I can concentrate on my game, very pleased.

Geoffrey S.

I started a new job, so I was unable to take time off of work I had to try something for my aching feet. My friend told me about FPM’s custom orthotics, so I decided to try them. I can feel the difference and I have been wearing them daily since.

Margaret T

Fantastic, highly recommended.

Paul L.

Delighted to be back to running again after relief I feel in my heels.  My doctor told me to get custom orthotics but I did not have insurance, so happy to have found an affordable online way to get them.

William F.

When I wear them, I can feel the shift off of my pressure point, feels better already, many thanks.

Susan M.

My knee ached and my friend who is a runner told me about FPM orthotics, the same as recommended by doctors. I did not get how helping my feet could affect my knees, so after some research I decided to try them, to get to the root of my problem. With the alignment from the FPM orthotics, it not only feels better, but my running has improved, very grateful.

Sean N.

As a dancer I am always on my feet and I really need my feet to be in good shape. But to find an orthotic that fits in my dance shoes was impossible, until I found the micro dress shoe model on this site. Thank you!

Carolyn T.

Thank you for making custom orthotics so accessible, I received them a few weeks after placing my order and they are the same as my previous pair (which I paid a lot more for elsewhere)

Jean B.

Getting ready to do a lot of walking this summer since they have helped so much….

Anthony P.

What a difference, works like a dream, I keep a pair of my orthotics in my sneakers and another pair in my workboots.

Michael D.

I’ve learned how much my quality of life was affected by my foot problems. I now keep a pair of custom orthotics in each of my shoes so I can keep moving comfortably, active orthotics in my walking shoes and smaller dress ones in my pumps. So happy to keep up with my kids, I recommend them to anyone to see the difference they make.

Anne B.