What are FPM orthotics?

FPM orthotics are orthopaedic devices custom made to your feet, designed from precise impressions of your feet. They fit in your shoes and orthopedically correct your specific foot imbalances. Correcting the way your feet function relieves pain and promotes healing. They  reduce stress and strain on your feet much like glasses do for your eyes. FPM orthotics bring your feet back to proper anatomic alignment, reducing muscular fatigue and enhancing performance during walking, exercise and sports.  Even if the pain is only in one foot, both feet must have an orthotic in order to maintain proper muscular and skeletal alignment.

FPM orthotics are custom made after evaluation by our medical consultant, and inspected at each stage of the fabrication process.

25% off when you order more than one pair!

Need a recommendation? Select a foot condition.This will show orthotics  to choose from. What shoes are you wearing when you are on your feet the most? Choose that model as a first priority. Consider a second/third pair for your other shoes commonly worn to provide all day coverage.

Welcome to FPM, no appointment needed.

Upon ordering, we immediately mail your foot impression kit.  Take instant imprints of your feet and  provide information about them. Return in prepaid packaging. We do the rest and ship directly to you. If you currently wear orthotics and are returning for a new pair: Choose a custom orthotic model taking in to account your shoe preference for everyday wear. ( ie: sport models for running/sports shoes, dress models for dress shoes)  Consider ordering additional pairs to leave in other shoes for your convenience.  Otherwise, with only one pair you have to transfer them from shoe to shoe and they may not fit in all your styles.

Benefits of multiple pairs – different styles for your various activities/footwear – your orthotics will last you longer because you will not be using a single pair for all activities – with multiple pairs you can leave a pair in each of your favourite shoes and avoid having to transfer orthotics from shoe to shoe – See our special offer for multiple pairs.

SPECIAL FACTORY DIRECT OFFER: Additional custom orthotics can be made, receive 25% off the entire order of 2 or more, all created from your foot impressions and 3D foot castings. (same client same order only)