Orthotics FAQs

No, pain is NEVER normal. People commonly complain of foot pain from standing at work, exercising or from aging. Our bodies use pain to tell us something is wrong. FPM custom orthotics are used to relieve foot pain and prevent it from coming back or from developing new foot conditions.

Generally about a week or two depending on your progression and activity level. Build up gradually. Start the first day wearing your orthotics for 1 hour.  Then remove them from your shoes for the remainder of the day. The second day add an hour and wear for 2 hours maximum before removing. The third day 3 hours maximum…and so on until can wear full time or anytime you are active on your feet.

You must build up slowly at first even if you have worn them in the past. With this daily progression you will soon adapt and the new improved foot posture will become natural for you.

As you are progressing through the orthotics break in process and you are wearing them most of the time, you should notice them becoming more and more comfortable.  Eventually you will not notice them in your shoes anymore. Follow the break in instructions and do not exceed recommended wear. Use them daily like glasses. Generally they should be worn 75% or more of the time you are on your feet after the initial break in period. Custom orthotics are replaced every few years depending on usage. If you spend most of your time on your feet and use orthotics for all your activities they will wear out faster. The materials will compress and change shape with time. Your orthotics will lose their support and corrective function and your symptoms may return. Your feet also change  over time so new impressions must always be taken.

Try to break in the orthotics in shoes you already own.  If you need more space inside your shoe then remove existing insole from the shoe. Place orthotics in each shoe (noting left and right) as far back in the heels as possible. Once you are able to wear your orthotics comfortably all day then you can take them with you to buy new shoes to ensure proper fitting. Ensure you are using the proper orthotic for the proper shoe/activity.  For example sports orthotics are larger than everyday use orthotics and require the extra space sports shoes provide.  If you wear multiple styles of shoes consider different models of FPM orthotics to meet your needs.

See special pricing for multiple pairs.

Shipping is free within Canada. Orders from USA: $40.00 CAN. For other countries please email us for a quote.

By using impressions of your feet, FPM orthotics are custom made for you and your needs.  They are designed to correct and improve the function of your feet. Each individual must order separately to receive their own impression kit. Since FPM Orthotics are custom made for your feet specifically, we cannot accept returns.

As long as your shoes are properly sized and shaped to your feet.  If you require more space you can remove the shoe’s insole. When you go shoe shopping bring your FPM orthotics with you to ensure the best possible fit. FPM Orthotics Sports models are designed for running shoes/sports footwear. Casual Orthotics are for lace up and slip on shoes with heels under 1.5 inches. Our Dress Orthotics are designed for dress shoes and come in both women’s and men’s models.

If orthotics get wet, remove from shoes and allow to air dry. If dirty, wipe them gently with soap and water.

Your first pair of  custom orthotics costs $199. Any additional pairs that you buy, you get 25% off the entire order.

(provided it is for the same person, within the same order)

For example:

1 pair orthotics are $199

2 pairs are $298.50 ($149.25 each pair)

3 pairs are $447.75 ($149.25 each pair)

When you walk your foot functions a certain way and that’s what standard orthotics are designed to correct. During sports/exercise the foot functions completely differently and is subjected to high levels of pressure and friction, that is what sports orthotics are designed to correct. Sports orthotics look and function differently and require specific corrections, materials and construction.

When you wear the right model of orthotic in the proper shoe you can be sure you are receiving all the correction and support you need for all your activities. See special pricing for additional pairs.

Orthotics are always worn in pairs to keep the body in structural balance.

Once you have placed your order, an FPM foot impression kit will be immediately sent to you with all instructions.

Follow the enclosed instructions for taking the foot imprints and complete the enclosed questionnaire.

Seal and return kit to FPM by prepaid post (Canada)

3D plaster cast impressions are made of your feet after your foot imprints and questionnaire have been evaluated.  Your FPM orthotics are custom molded to your casts, incorporating the corrections you  need.  After inspection by quality control your FPM orthotics are shipped directly to you so you can start benefiting from them immediately.

FPM orthotics are custom fabricated using medical grade thermoplastics in combination with various composite materials. We update regularly as new and improved materials come available.