//If Your Feet Could Talk…

If Your Feet Could Talk…

If Your Feet Could Talk…

Would they scream “LOOKS ARE DECEIVING!”?

Many times feet are our silent, supportive companions and anything goes…pointy toes, flip flops, cowboy boots, high heels, you name it, it’s all about The Look, until they start sending a painful message. Anyone who has recovered from foot pain will tell you that message is “MAKE US A PRIORITY”. Shifting to dealing with the anatomy of our feet and allowing them to function as naturally as possible will allow healing to occur. They need room to flex and flatten when your body weight is on them.  The fit and function of a sports type shoe is best (save the heels for a party where you will be sitting!)  Choose an inspiring pair that suits both your style AND your feet without pinching or stressing them.

“GIVE US A BREAK…” Aches and pains require time and space to heal, proper support and of course, REST.  Arrange your activity level to provide as much time off your feet as possible, such as chopping your salad seated at the table rather than standing by the counter. Be mindful and wear your most comfortable sports  shoes for the times you must be on your feet. Have a clean pair for wearing in the home instead of slippers which have no support. Your feet will definitely say THANK YOU for listening!


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